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The Complete DevOps Guide – Everything You Need to Know

DevOps with its amazing features and guaranteed techniques are among the popular talks of the people. But what’s in it, how does it manage such standards?


Well, let’s see,


First, understand what DevOps is all about


With DevOps, you don’t need to worry much. You can trust it. Why?  Because it is a widely accepted approach. Understandable but what does it do? Collaboration with teams is what DevOps is best at. 


See, developers may have difficult times with separate organizations. Separate goals to be performed over distributed infrastructure. Changing market scenarios provide a dilemma, Isn’t it?


Complicated world. Not at all a problem for DevOps. Overcome them with ease.


Being a trademark in the software development field, the methodology can’t be this simple. 


It further provides outstanding features,


Collaboration: You might have seen blaming others for any faults in traditional methods, but DevOps rules out those. The collaboration technique will not leave you with such an issue.


Automation: Automation is what is centrally focussed at DevOps. With its promising tools, execute the entire process with higher efficiency. Now, automation is under the best facilities.


Continuous Integration: Conflicts and integration issues, problematic isn’t it? Certainly for the Waterfall Development approach. In the spot where this approach gives up its struggle, DevOps starts to shine. Handle these conflicts without any worries. Want to know the real secret behind it. Well, its communication among teams is the answer to all.


Continuous Testing: DevOps outsmarts the conventional methods in this one. The promising automated tools will allow you easy integration of testing to other processes. So, any worries for loss is absolutely out of the question.


Continuous Delivery: See two phases are related to this one. Development and deployment are all about it. With continuous integration, Your release chain will always top without any doubt. So, failure might block your way. No problem and ultimate customer feedback will be the real solution for sure.


Continuous Monitoring: The more the number of releases, the more difficult it is to handle pre-release testing. But, DevOps will keep you calm. Just analyze any failure and fix them at your will at the right time. Monitoring experts will always keep an eye on any performance problems.


People think DevOps and Agile can work together only in imagination, not in reality. It’s just a myth.


As you know, DevOps and Agile perform well individually. Being the best performers in the software development industry separately, let’s see what these two can do together,


An Agile approach to DevOps


Better interactions: When you talk about agile combined with DevOps, the first thing it reflects is better engagements among members. What it does is you can work without any stress. Remember, enhanced interactions lead to better productivity.


Working Software: See Changes might be a headache for you. Maintaining documentation for every change with Agile and DevOps will give you a hard time. Don’t give up, with a combined effort from both will lead you to accurate logging with thorough detailing. Documentation well maintained.


Customer Collaboration: You may have heard customer collaboration is a concept of Agile development. Well, it’s quite untrue. DevOps is where this principle fits in. But the question is, together, what are they capable of? They together help to implement and suggest improvement in various phases with ease. You can identify problems in advance. So proactive developments are in your control.


Respond to Change: Now software bugs can give us real bad times. The perfect solution is Agile and DevOps with combined effort. The involvement of all team members will ensure fixing bugs and responding to customer feedback with ease. The impactful DevOps tools will be your answer to every problem.


Let’s have a look at what DevOps looks to do, What are its goals,


Release on Demand: You can bid goodbye to those hard days. Now what works is DevOps. Just add some features to your product and release them at any time you want. With  DevOps, this is an easy world. Focus on continuous delivery with enhanced capability. Release products with ease.


No Chances of unplanned work: Technical debt can bring a real downfall to software development, isn’t it? Unplanned work is the reason for it. But, DevOps is the perfect answer to all of it.


Blaming others, No question at all: Any fault or system failure, you will see teams blaming one another. This will make the situation even worse. Time is wasted. More and more problems. But you can skip on this one with DevOps. Collaboration among the team is all you want.


The outside-in approach, a good one: When you think from the user’s point of view, you will get a solution to everything. Focussing on requirements, testing, and developing is another thing, but you need to monitor well. DevOps is best at understanding user’s demand.


Measure feature value: With Agile, you will go a long way to track features. The easy measurement of overall travel costs throughout the process is right in your control. With DevOps, software manufacturing is just one click away.


Now Its Tools are going to come in handy for you, 


The first tool for you is the Source Code Respiratory. 

It is a platform where developers could change and check codes. See this tool helps to manage different versions of code as they can be accessed with ease by all involved developers.


Now Build Server is another automation tool name which is all about compiling code within source code respiratory and taking it directly to the executable code base. If you are looking for names then Artifactory, SonarQube, and Jenkins are some of them that can be accessed at this phase.


Configuration Management is another one. It defines the server configuration over the work environment. If you want to know about tools in the list, the Chef and puppet are two good names.


Virtual Infrastructure names like Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services might excite you. If you are looking for them, just go to a cloud vendor. Create new machines with ease, enhance configuration management with its APIs. Create brand new codes without human efforts.


Create new codes automatically. Skip those hard-working manual methods. No need for much human effort. Be confident enough to go for Test automation. Easier software release is guaranteed. It’s tools, water and selenium will make the job even easier for you. No issues for any change.


Its phases will give you deep knowledge about the topic, see


Have a view on its phases: Devops has got three phases for you to have a deep view.


The waterfall development: The name must have enhanced your curiosity, Isn’t it? 


See, in this phase, the development team writes a few codes which might take two to three months at best. And finally, the phase ends when teams merge the working code and start the release process. Of course, the process is a long one that may not turn you on but is a good one.


Continuous integration: The next phase will give you a slight edge over the other as it is quite a non-time-consuming process. To be more precise, the approach is associated with quickly integrating with the developed codes into the main body. This facilitates members to release code efficiently. It requires validation testing.


Continuous delivery: You will have that advantage in this phase as you can add extra automation to the processes. You might be wondering what will happen if you have got extra automation as an extra advantage. See you will be able to merge the codes with ease. To be informative if you are not a fan of manual systems, the approach does not require manual efforts to merge codes. Human intervention is out of the requirement.


Continuous deployment: Chances are there, you might be puzzled between continuous deployment and delivery. But don’t worry we will clear your confusion. Continuous deployment is rather an advanced evolution of continuous delivery. To make you more understandable, it is the practice of deploying software without human intervention. It does not involve the deployment of untested codes. It helps to run codes through an automated testing phase for enhanced monitoring. For its quality automated feedback is taken into consideration for your facility.


See the next thing you should know is


Deployment of DevOps

A very positive thing about DevOps is that, be it a small enterprise or a large one, it can be implemented by any. Even startups can create, test, validate, and modify software with DevOps.


Now our focus is on the deployment of DevOps, but the question arises is how to do it, have a good look at it,


First, look around. What you see. It’s the people around you. The fundamental concept of DevOps is to bring operational staff, developers, and support teams together over a single platform so that they can work with higher efficiency. Just respect organization culture that’s all.


Next thing is to focus on the saying “smaller things make big ones”. So teams don’t take big steps instead take smaller ones. It helps to lead in a lesser resistance. The simpler and frequent the deployment is, the easier it is to lead changes without risks.


Third thing is that the benefits of automation play an important role. Working on the implementation of DevOps, companies find it easier to create potential silos. Look, the central coordination service facilitates deployment strategies, enhanced end to end visibility and the multi-domain system orchestration allows easy management.


Now finally, you must know that healthcare and financial services can have complicated legacy constraints for infrastructure. However, the implementation of DevOps over any business can hint a direct impact on other applications. You know these organizations must find new ways to lead standard processes with DevOps.


Now we can say DevOps is a great software methodology and it facilitates us in many ways.

August 25, 2020

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