Technological advancements are making our lives more connected and convenient. Thanks to embedded and robotics technology for making our lives more time-efficient and organised. Considering the potential of embedded and robotics, the demand for this revolutionizing technology is on the rise across sectors, including telecommunications, aerospace, avionics, railroad, healthcare, automobile, entertainment, and consumer electronics sector. With the growing demand for embedded and robotics technology, the demand for embedded professionals is also growing by leaps and bounds.

Embedded and robotics training has been designed with the objective of providing comprehensive knowledge pertaining to robotics and embedded systems to the learners. The concepts are explained to the students by industry experts from reputable institutions.

Pytriot offers top-notch instructor-led embedded and robotic certification programs to train learners how to plan, develop and execute advanced technologies by acquiring the right skills and competencies. On successfully completing this training, the participants obtain the practical knowledge

So what are you waiting for? Add a winning edge to your career with Pytriot’s Robotics Training Online Certification program.

Embedded and Robotics Training Objectives

Embedded System training program helps participants meet the following objectives—

  • Offer practical knowledge of robotics to the participants;
  • Learn the basics of electronic components such as transistors, capacitors, and resistors.
  • Introduce basic concepts of embedded and Robotics technology to the learners;
  • Teach the participants about the process of communicating across diverse technology platforms.


What Skills you will learn?

On completion of embedded system training, you will be able to—

  • Utilize hands-on lessons and procedures for designing, implementing, integrating, and examining software used in sophisticated embedded systems.
  • Design multi-objective embedded systems.
  • Elucidate the basic concepts of this system.
  • Explain how to design, implement and examine these systems.
  • Learn how to design real time embedded systems.


Who Should Do the Embedded and Robotics Courses?

This course can be taken up by participants having the following degrees—

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor of Technology
  • Bachelor of Computer Application
  • Bachelor of Engineering
  • Master of Computer Application
  • Master of Technology
  • Master of Engineering

Any software engineer, graduate, or job aspirant with science background having a desire to learn more about Robotics can take up this course. Pytriot offers comprehensive embedded system training program to teach participants the basic concepts of robotics. This program helps you achieve embedded and robotics certification which is globally recognised across industries as a crucial qualification for technology specialists.

Course Prerequisites

To take up embedded and robotics training program, you need to have:

  • Knowledge of C language;
  • Basic understanding of operating systems; and
  • Basic knowledge of microprocessors.


Key Features of Embedded and Robotics Certification Course

  • Flexible delivery modes—classroom learning as well as virtual training;
  • Instructor-led Learning;
  • Lecture Materials;
  • Coaching offered by certified experts;
  • Lab-based training program;
  • Onsite Corporate Training;
  • Learning Guides;
  • Hands-on Labs;
  • Support after completion of classes; &
  • Post-class assessments


Benefits of Robotics Training Course

  • Facilitating wide-ranging automation;
  • Enabling business processes to be accomplished quickly;
  • Saves cost for repetitive tasks;
  • Enhancing productivity of employees;
  • Streamlining customer service;
  • Enhancing efficiency by digitalizing data;
  • Ensuring business procedures adhere to robot models and controls; and
  • Prepares you for job competency.