This advanced Ansible & Network Automation with Python program provides an in depth understanding of working with Ansible, Network Automation with Python using Netmiko & Paramiko libraries. This program takes someone who has worked on any Python to the next level where the learner is exposed to a very powerful network automation features of Python. At the end of the program, the learner will be able to understand & write Python scripts to automate Network tasks & also communicate with Ansible using Python.


The learner should have worked on Python & should understand networking.

Duration: 3 Days Table of Contents:

  • Advanced Ansible:
    • Writing modules in Python
    • External inventories
    • Extending Ansible
    • Connection plugins
    • Lookup plugins
    • Filter plugins
    • Callback plugins
  • Complex Network Automation using Ansible on Cisco IOS
  • Ansible supported network roles, creating and using roles in
  • Network resource
  • Ansible vault
  • Conditionals in Network modules
  • Handling prompts in Network modules
  • Ansible with Cisco IOS and Air OS
  • Creating textfsm for use in


  • Working with Jinja2
    • Jinja2 Templating Engine for Python
    • Using Templates in playbooks
    • Jinja2 filters, looping, and other useful tricks for automating with Playbooks
    • Playbook tagging for selective runs
    • When to use Python and when to use Modules and Playbooks
    • “Big Picture” options for using Python within your Network


  • Parsing CLI output with TextFSM
  • Working with Netmiko & Paramiko
    • Communicating with Cisco IOS using Netmiko & Paramiko
  • Reporting Network Configuration
  • Python scripting with Cisco Wireless Controllers and Access Points.
  • Creating textfsm format for Cisco show command outputs as per usage.