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Augmented Reality , also known as AR amalgamates real images with computer-generated images for generating an enhanced representation of the real world. AR is a revolutionizing technology that is fast evolving because of the rising use of mobile devices and the popularity of the internet. It is known for revolutionizing the way you interact with technology.

Currently, enterprises are using AR technology as a business tool for enhancing  workforce training, business workflows, and processes. AR technology leverages content visualization and  virtual prototyping for facilitating real-time decision which in turn leads to business innovation. The AR market is expected to reach $120 billion in another two years.

Today, the scope of Augmented Reality goes beyond the gaming industry.  Currently, AR has been transforming businesses across sectors, be it healthcare, education, retail, human resource, manufacturing, real estate,  military, or automotive.

A certified course in Augmented Reality helps you comprehend the potential of this technology and the latest AR trends so that you can utilise the same for enhancing your professional skills.


Course Objectives

  • Teaches the nuances of AR technology to the participants;
  • Trains participants to create AR content;
  • Simulates real-world environment;
  • Helps you bring your products to life;
  • Facilitates better learning, understanding, and retention; and
  • Offers enhanced teaching models.

What Skills you will learn?

  • Trains you to introduce a new form of interaction between your business offerings and customers;
  • Trains you to create impressive in-store experience for enhancing customer experience;
  • Helps you design products before making its physical prototype;
  • Helps you create detailed visual presentations for immersing prospective clients in your store or commercial property;
  • Trains you to use mobile devices for instructional purposes.

Who should take this course/training?

AR training course is an added advantage for web designer. Pytriot offers comprehensive AR training to help you achieve globally recognized AR certification.

  • 3D Artists
  • Technical Artists
  • AR Project Managers
  • Marketing Concept Artists
  • Social Media Specialists
  • Web Developers
  • Graphic Designers
  • Design technologists

Besides this, AR training course can be taken up by freshers and aspiring FX technical artists, VR programmers, interaction designers, AR project managers, unity developers, and gameplay engineers.


Key Features 

  • Highly interactive in nature;
  • Focus more on the practical approach;
  • Avail hands-on training offered by certified AR experts;
  • Graphical interpretation of every concept;
  • You can avail on-site classroom training as as well as remote interactive real-time training;
  • Immersive learning experience helps you build a strong workforce.
  • Get to learn deep concepts in an interesting manner.

Course Preview/Curriculum

Benefits of doing the course

  • Enhances your AR skills, efficiency, and knowledge;
  • Helps you create AR apps;
  • Helps you create innovative ways to shop;
  • Teaches you the art of augmenting the physical environment with graphics, text, audio-visual, 3D models, and virtual enhancements.
  • Enhances productivity and engagement;
  • Helps you Boost customer satisfaction;
  • Offers better job opportunities;
  • Helps you get interview calls from reputed companies.
  • Helps you provide guidance to your team remotely;
  • Gets you hired fast; and
  • Takes your business to the next level.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Introduction
Digital Photography 00:12:00
Camera Controls FREE 00:45:00
Common sizes of Photographic Plates 01:00:00
Section 2: Light Photography
Exposure and Rendering 00:30:00
First Camera Photography 00:22:00
Section 3: Conclusion
Future of Photography 00:20:00
Final Quiz for the course 00:10:00

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