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Complete Guide for SD-WAN Certification


SD-WAN Certification makes you familiar with CISCO networking technologies and platforms besides enabling you to identify the different components of SD-WAN solutions. This post aims to highlight the importance of seeking and earning a certification in SD-WAN and the prerequisites necessary for undertaking SD-WAN training. Read to know more.


SD-WAN— the abbreviated form of Software- Defined Wide Area Network is an emerging technology in networking, known for opening up a whole new wave of financial and operational advantages for large as well as small businesses. This next-generation WAN solution not only delivers optimized access to cloud-based services but also accelerates the speed of your business besides reducing costs, creating high-performance connections, and reinforcing your network security.

Currently, businesses are increasingly giving preference to certified SD-WAN professionals with the objective of enhancing the productivity of IT teams by improving user experience (UX), enhancing security, and managing risks efficiently, besides automating the daily business tasks.

Who can take Up This Training?

Though the course has been meticulously designed for IT professionals whose job involves deploying, executing, and operating SD-WAN solutions, it can also be taken up by experienced professionals or students that are eager to learn about SD-WAN operation and deployment. This lab-intensive training imparted by industry experts focuses entirely on SD-WAN Applications so that you can upgrade your knowledge about SD-WAN and advance your career.

SD-WAN Training is ideal for software engineers, network administrators, system integrators, solution designers, system administrators, systems engineers, sales engineers, technical marketing engineers, enterprise network system installers, technical managers, and SD-WAN service providers. The course can be undertaken by freshers, as well as those who want to acquire knowledge about SD-WAN solutions and their features. If you are interested in understanding the concepts, characteristics, terminology, and advantages of SD-WAN, and the way it is revolutionizing the networking arena, this training course is meant for you.

Though the training does not require any specific prerequisites, but having prior knowledge about the basics of networking and a strong understanding of Enterprise WAN Design, network management, routing, switching, Quality of Service (QoS) mechanisms, IP Security, TCP/ICP functions, network provisioning and Transport Layer Security makes it easy for you to grasp the content included in your training program.

Advantages of SD-WAN Training

SD-WAN certification course offers in-depth knowledge about SD-WAN implementation to make you and your business future-ready. It teaches learners to create, manage, and run Cisco’s SD-WAN solutions and generate easy procedures of controlling traffic flow in Viptela secure extensible network.

On completion of the training, you will be able to install, operate, configure, and monitor the key concepts and components of SD-WAN routers and controllers, besides troubleshooting different operating issues in the SD-WAN overlay network.

The certification course also trains you to create and apply templates for configuring and deploying SD-WAN devices and their features. It also enlightens you about security policies and services, including the policies pertaining to data plane and control plane.  The course also trains you to optimize UX for SaaS solutions, and meet Service-level Agreement for real-time applications.

The IT certification course has helped a number of students to get a job in different industries besides channeling the entrepreneurial spirit of some participants to set up their own thriving business. The best thing about SD-WAN training is that you can also attend its live classes remotely. What’s more, comprehensive study materials for each module are provided to the participants soon after the completion of the enrollment procedure.


December 23, 2019

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