Agile Vs DevOps: Considering Key Differences

DevOps is one of the most efficient and reliable software development methods that focuses on easy collaboration, integration and communication among various IT professionals leading to rapid product deployment.

DevOps is basically a culture that is followed by most of the organizations to promote enhanced collaboration among operation and development teams. With this, it becomes easier to deploy the code to production. Furthermore, it helps to boost the organization’s speed for delivering services and applications. This approach leads to the perfect alignment of IT operations and core developments.

On the other side, agile methodology leads to the continuous iteration of testing and development in the SDLC process. The process of software development, in this case, focuses on incremental, iterative, and evolutionary development.

The Agile development process divides the product into smaller pieces and then integrates them to implement final testing. Note that it is possible to implement this process in many ways, including XP, scrum, and Kanban, etc.

Agile Vs DevOps:

In simple words, Agile is defined as the iterative approach that focuses on the rapid release, customer feedback and collaboration. On the other side, DevOps is the practice of bringing various operation and development teams together.

  • The main purpose of Agile is to manage various complex projects, whereas DevOps is a central concept that can be used to handle end-to-end engineering processes. The Agile processes stay focused around constant changes, but DevOps is more concerned about constant delivery and testing.
  • It is possible to implement Agile methods within a set range of tactical frameworks such as safe, sprint and scrum. On the other side, the main goal of DevOps is to maintain collaboration; hence, there is no need to have a specific framework.
  • In the Agile development process, it is important to emphasize the training of all team members so that they can have a similar kind of skills. But in the case of DevOps, the skill set is spread or divided over operation and development teams. The Agile approach can be maintained with smaller teams, but you may need to have a large team size in case of DevOps, and it involves all the stack holders.
  • Agile development is applied over the sprint units where each sprint gets time less than a month. But DevOps strives for benchmarks and deadlines leading to major releases. The feedbacks in case of Agile are taken from customers only, whereas in the case of DevOps, the internal team is responsible for giving feedback.
  • In the case of the Agile method, documentation is given lesser priority over working systems; hence, this approach appears the ideal choice when you are responsive and flexible. However, in the case of DevOps, the process documentation matters the most because in this case, the software is sent to operation teams to handle deployment-related work.

It is important to mention that in agile methods, teams need to be more productive, whereas, in the case of DevOps, streamlined processing makes a big difference. At one side where Agile focuses on non-functional and functional readiness, DevOps is more related to business and operational readiness.

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